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Why-Try Resilience Program

​The WhyTry-Resilience program is a FREE and open-enrollment school program available for middle school youth. The program was brought to Roswell, New Mexico in 2014 as a pilot program at Mesa Middle School. Nearly five years later, we are at all four middle schools with over 125 students. The WhyTry-Resilience Program offers social and emotional learning skills that help young people achieve opportunity, freedom, and self-respect using education interventions that motivate and create positive change. The Program addresses the question, “Why try in life?”

The curriculum teaches youth in a way they can understand and remember. The lessons are based on sound empirical principles including solution-focused, social, and emotional intelligence, and multi-sensory learning. Lessons include a variety of visual metaphors, music, videos, activities, and small/large group discussions that teach important life skills e.g., decisions have consequences, dealing with peer-pressure, obeying laws, and rules; plugging in to support systems.

The Substance Abuse Prevention Curriculum educates students on the dangers of abusing alcohol and drugs and their detrimental effects on the developing brain during adolescence. Topics include: What is Addiction, Tobacco, Methamphetamine, Opiates, Marijuana and THC Products, and Alcohol. They are compiled of data offered through the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) as well as The Office of National Drug Control Policy.

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